Monthly Archives: July 2012

Here are some recently discovered b/w photos of the performance, taken by Nicolas Ioannidis. For more information on the performance see gallery and texts sections.

Also, regarding the same performance, here is a link to my contribution (as blanco estira nuestro (+), hermana Hélice) to the Dictaphonia microcassette compilation, vol.2 on Hal Mcgee’ s Haltapes from 2009. This two-minute piece was recorded during the performance rehearsals. The first part is a slowed down recording of the bells drone in the last part of Conduit no.2,along with the rehearsing  room’ s ambience. On the second part, apart from airplane sounds (from .oeur), you can hear the horse bells tied to Electra’ s feet, ringing while she walks.

You can listen to this here