Monthly Archives: May 2010

The same person who is working as Nixilx.nijilx, Blanco Estira Nuestro and Helice Peid is working as Socrates Martins and for his 7″ he took the title of a painting by Rene Margritte from 1937. On these pieces he plays ‘field recordings and objects’, but all of this highly obscured through extremely lo-fi transformations. It seems like captured on a cassette (or perhaps a whole bunch of cassettes), which add a low resolution to the material. It moves low over the surface of sound and is truly obscure record, but also a captivating one, I think. Maybe because one doesn’t have a clue what’s going on here, it leaves lots of space to contemplate about that. A record that poses more questions then the answer it gives. Which I guess if you call yourself Socrates Martins is the whole idea. Beautiful obscurity.
by Frans de Waard


This greek sound artist works under various names, but this may be his actual moniker. The sounds here are highly processed electroacoustic events created from impossible-to-peg sources. The surface shifts between various levels of out-of-focus, but it’s hard to tell if you’re listening to a baby crawling around in an elevator or bacon sizzling in a pan, and then everything changes.  It’s a gorgeously dislocational effort and well worth investigation for those with a taste for vertigo.

by Byron Coley